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Web Tex Cooker Set

Q: Good Afternoon,

I’m looking to purchase a Web-tex cooker unit and would like to fit in a carrier with waterbottle as per the attached image. Is this something you can supply? If so how much would it cost complete. cooker_set

A: Hi,

Yes, we can supply the cooker init with water bottle and DPM pouch as shown in the image.

The water bottle shown is British pattern which we do not stock, however we do sell US GI water bottles which fit into the set also.

Items are sold separately:





  • Web-Tex Warrior Cooking Unit New $25.00.
  • US GI Canteen Plastic O/D New $14.90.
  • Web-Tex DPM Water Bottle Pouch New $28.50.

us gi canteendpm water bottle pouch

So total price for this handy Drink and Cook Set is $68.40

Angle Head 4 Colour Torches

Q: Hi there, I was wondering if you have any of the green army torches that look like a periscope and can have the red lens cap too for night...

A: Unfortunately, we no longer have these torches available (they are US Army Angle Head Torches), and are unsure of whether we will be able to get more in.

However, we have in stock Torch LED Angle Head with 4 colour options (Red, Green, Blue and White) available. We sell these at $39.00.


We also have the LED Lenser range of torches.  These are significantly brighter torches than the torch you refer to and have a 10 year warranty. It runs on 3 AAA Batteries. We sell Intelligent pouch with 3 exchangeable coloured lenses which fits almost any of these torches.


I encourage you to come and see a demo in our store, as it will surely blow you away.


Flyers Jacket

Q: Hey, I’m wondering if you stock leather bomber jackets?


A: Unfortunately, we do not stock the leather flyers jackets anymore.

However, we do have some similar jackets. We stock the MA1 style jacket which is a bomber style jacket. It is reversable with a high-viz blaze inner. It is Nylon/Polyester and comes in three colours: Black - $125, Sage - $115 and Navy - $99.00.

We also have the MA2 style jacket, hwich is very similar to the previous; it is not reversable, but comes with a removable fur colour. It comes in either black for $125 or Olive Drab for $115.

Also in stock is the N2B jacket which is very similar to the bomber jacket style, however, it is made for extreme cold weather conditions and has a fleece lined hood with a fur ruff. It is Nylon/Cotton/Polyester and comes in Black only at $155.

All these jackets are new condition.

flyers jacket ma_1jacket ma_2n2b jacketn3b jacket



















US M1 Style Helmet

Q:  I'm looking for a price on an M1 Pot Helmet.

A:  Hi Jeremy,
We have Helmet Steel M1 with US Liner at $49.00.
We also have Helmet Danish new which is $45.00. The shape of theses helmets are the same as M1 helmet.

helmet m1 danish

Navy Pea Coat

Q: Hi,
I am looking for a pea coat, preferbaly black. I don't want anything longer than just below the waist, so more of a jacket cut. Do you have anything like this in stock?

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