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We are the Auckland retail shop of the Kiwi Disposals Ltd Army Surplus chain. Kiwi Disposals - Army Shop in Auckland has 10 years experience retailing on K'road. We came to Aucland to deliver to you the best military surplus products from various parts of the world.
Buying army surplus is a good way to save money. When you buy surplus you get good quality, hard-wearing stuff that doesn't cost the earth and has been designed and made for harsh conditions. That makes it great for hunting and strenuous outdoor activities. We're certain that you'll find something in here that appeals to you, whether it's a pair of ex-Antarctic polyprop gloves for $2.00 or an Army Style Tent for $2999.00.

We have a huge new warehouse in Christchurch that processes internet online and mail orders.

Our biggest in the Australasia retail store has been set up in the biggest city of New Zealand to bring our large selection of unique goods closer to North Island customers.
This website is for our K'road retail store, if you would like to shop online click here to go to our online store.

 However, if you wish to place an order from our retail site in Auckland over the phone, or to discuss your order with one of our staff at our branch feel free to ring us on 09-309-8281.

Alternatively, if you prefer to send us your order by fax or post, please use the Mail Order Form. Simply download it, print it out, fill in the details and fax it to 09-309-8280,or send it by mail to Kiwi Disposals Ltd., 326 Karangahape Road, Newton, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand.
Or you can either fill out a Mail/Fax Order  Form (available for download at the bottom of the page) , or we can email/fax upon request), and fax or post it to us including your payment details.
Or alternatively, we can provide you with our bank details upon request for a bank transfer.
We do accept cheque as a method of payment for Mail Orders, but please keep in mind it can take up to 5 working days to clear the cheque.


See something you like on our website? Would you like to browse our online Mail Order catalogue?  You can find it further down the page.

Although you can't order directly off our website, there are a range of options for you including phone or fax, mail order. These are explained in more detail here.


Can't find something?

You can use our search engine on your to find specific items, just type in what you are looking for and our search engine will direct you to a list of all relevant pages.


Still can't find something?


Due to a large consistant number of inquires on how to order stock off us, HERE WE GO:


1. Online - Find a copy of our Mail Order Form here . Download, print it out, fill it out and post or fax it to us products you wanted and your credit card details or cheque. (There is no need to register with us to do this).


2. If the item you are wanting is not shown on our website or if you are having difficulty finding a certain item, feel free to call our friendly Auckland staff on 09-309-8281.

We can answer any questions  you may have and will have a few for you as well. We like to make sure what you are ordering is what you want ore need.


For the quickest and easiest ordering we recommend giving us a call and having a chat with a real person instead of messing around with a machine or bad internet connection.


3. If by any reason you are not able to reach us, leave your message via Contact Us Form or our Offline Messaging System. We will come back to you at least next day.



News, reviews, and maybe a bargain or two

New Generation Sand Bag

Are you worried about floods, burst pipes or sewer leaks?

If you are, then like most people you are underprepeared or ill iquipt to handle these situations.

The we are Introducing the next generation sand bag. It does not require filling up, it is lightweight, compact and easy stockable. This is all possible because of the patented super absorbent polymer SAP500 - active ingradient that is infused into every bag.

new generation sand bag

So, how it works? - Simple -

sand bag instruction

When the bag is no longer needed, simply lay flat and let it dry completely. Once dry simply throw away. No mess, no fuss.

Our Mail Order Catalog 2014

We have put this Mail Order Catalog together to show you some of our stock and to let you know a little of what you can expect to find in our K'rd store in Auckland.

It is a mixed box-"lucky dip". As you will see some of it is new and some of it is genuine ex-army surplus. And all of it is good value for your money.

If you wish to look through our digital version of Catalogue just click on the image below.

If you wish to get a printed copy of our latest Catalogue just press on the red button on your left and sign up to get your copy posted to you.

If you find something interesting on our Catalogue you can get it.How To Order From Us.

Coopers Emergency Shelter

This shelter is ideal for hikers and trampers or tourists in remote areas where an emergency shelter might suddenly be required.

It is made of stretch resistant aluminised polyester.

Dimensions are 250cm x 150cm and it comes with 6m nylon cord.

emergency shelter silver

Price is $9.90.